Too Much Pressure.

Too Much Pressure.


In the late 80’s Natas shifted the standards of skateboarding, imagining new ways to ride. His omnipresent Panther graphics are among the most iconic of all time.

"The story behind the ‘Portrait Graphic’ started with the Too Much Pressure album art. I didn’t want to copy it exactly, I was never a mod or ska or whatever so that felt wrong, also, it wasn’t really supposed to be me, or not recognisably me. I never saw a rendering, and they did a run of boards without my approval. 
I had them shut the whole horror show down." Natas Kaupas. 

Over 30 years later, Natas, Doomsday Store and artist Fergus Purcell revisit 
the original vision. The new ‘Portrait’ features on a global limited release of 
80 decks giving respect to the Eighties, Natas and the revolution blazed.

"What an honour to be involved with this project. It was mind blowing to be asked to re-do a graphic that Natas was never 100% satisfied with… like I could be the one to get it right?! I loved the Time Warp aspect; to be here in the 21st Century, time travelling into the near past - into a period that was an explosively influential part of my aesthetic development - & actually manifesting a dream into a reality. It’s a dream that anyone involved in skating in the late 80s will share. The imaginary jungles of Venice that Natas - through his legendary series of board graphics - showed the world, cast a long shadow on all our imaginations. To get to visit that jungle & to explore a hitherto unknown corner of it… was pure magic." Fergus Purcell

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