Polanski & Doomsday.

Polanski & Doomsday.

POLANSKI is a publication based in New York and established in 2010. Its pages are coveted, rich and full of art and beautiful women. 

It started as a blog that allowed founder Irwin Tobias Matutina to assemble themes and establish a point of view. Appropriation was key, and it's the same process that has influenced the POLANSKI & DOOMSDAY drop. 

Utilising appropriated graphics and reference from scraps of delivery boxes and old vinyl records found in New York, the POLANSKI & DOOMSDAY drop features three shirts and a limited tote bag. 

Available exclusively at Doomsday - Melbourne, Mohawk General Store - LA, Bonjour Records - Japan and Goodhood - London.

Photographer: Ryan Mikail
Model: Lola McDonnell


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