The Suburbs.

The Suburbs.


British/Australian photographer Ryan Cookson arrived at the store via a stint living in Amsterdam. With a loaded camera he took our latest offering of Doomsday Store T-shirts into the suburbs.

“My idea was to photograph people that I was drawn to on the street and ask them to wear the new Doomsday tees. I wanted it to be an extension of what I usually photograph and capturing my view of Melbourne. Although, initially, people weren’t as responsive as I hoped, it turned out to be a great way of exploring new suburbs around Melbourne and meeting locals. I started meeting and photographing Sudanese youth who lived in/around Footscray. These guys were full of character and really reflected the ever growing, emerging communities which makes Melbourne so interesting to live in. Aside from being super friendly, open to being photographed and effortlessly photogenic, they also took me to some of the best food spots in Footscray.” Ryan Cookson.


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