Return of the Dragon.

Return of the Dragon.

Mark Richards Surfboards & Doomsday Store

During the Hawaiian winter of 1971 – 1972 MR commissioned an artist to produce a logo for his Surfboard Company. Originally inspired by the Bruce Lee movie posters of the Day. MR hoped for something similar. The final result was not what he was expecting.

When the artist presented the seemingly unfinished drawing, an out of money MR had no choice but to accept the sketch and get on with it. Despite MR’s initial disappointment everyone else loved the drawing and the MR Dragon logo has adorned MR’s boards ever since.

“He drew me a black outline of the dragon on a sheet of A4 paper. To say I was ‘underwhelmed’ wasn’t an exaggeration. I told him I liked it, but I really wasn’t inspired by it. It looked nothing like what I wanted and reminded me of a lizard. From memory he charged me $50 for the artwork.” Mark Richards.

Over 40 years later, Doomsday Store teams up with Japanese artist Toshikazu Nozaka to grant MR’s original wish for a Bruce Lee inspired dragon logo.

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