Under Pressure.

Under Pressure.

Bass Strait, Australia.

"I told the doctor that I wanted to be able to continue working because I was in my late 20s at the time. Dr Pribaz told me what he proposed to do that would get me back to work in twelve months. It was experimental and a world first. I was up for it. My family came in to visit. I told everyone not to worry and informed them of the doctor’s plans. My uncle Steven lifted the covering, had a quick look and said, “I think the doctor is lying to you.” then covered it back over and walked out of the room. So the journey began.
Step one of the plan was to cut around the side of my hip and sew the hand onto a flap. The procedure is called a groin flap. My hand would then fuse with the skin from the side of my body and the surgeons would use that skin to rebuild my hand. Step two of the plan was to use a piece of bone from my hip to rebuild the stump of my thumb. Lastly, step three of the plan was to use one of my big toes and graft it all together with tendons, ligaments, nerves and arteries from my foot to create a new thumb."

An Excerpt from ‘Under Pressure’ by Evan Georgiou for Lost On Earth Issue 04. Pick one up at Doomsday on Friday May 31st to read the full story.

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