Drop in this Thursday for the launch of Jon, Fernando and Javier's epic book LA KANTERA 1987-2015. Limited copies of the book will be available on the night and Javier will be in attendance.

“At the end of 1987, thanks to the initiative and struggle of a group of surf and skateboard pioneers, begun the construction of Arrigunaga Skatepark, La Kantera. Twenty five years later, La Kantera is a world-renowned park, one of the landmarks of skateboarding. Undisputed reference of style, creativity and radical skateboarding. In it’s early years, it forged a unique generation of skaters whose attitude and renegade spirit made La Kantera the legendary skate spot it is today.

The book collects the photographic memoir of the skatepark, which, together with anecdotes, stories and memories told by it’s own inhabitants and the vision of some of the most influential skaters and international photographers of the last 25 years, compose a kaleidoscopic image of the extraordinary story of La Kantera and the origins of skateboarding in the Basque country.”



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