Made by Film Australia 1976. Produced by Suzanne Baker. Directed by Bruce Petty. As Hollywood focuses on the 2013 Academy Awards and we celebrate 100 years of Film Australia what better time to present the only film in the collection to have won an Oscar (although others have been nominated). Leisure, directed by Australian master animator Bruce Petty in 1976, is one of the more unusual films to have come out of Film Australia. It represents a time when the organisation and the film makers were pushing the boundaries and exercising more freedom in their films. The film emphasises the use of leisure time as an important aspect of life in our society. Planning for recreation and leisure time should be undertaken both on a personal and on a public level. Bruce Petty made several more films for Film Australia as well as many independently released projects including his film Utopia in 2012. Produced by Suzanne Baker.

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