Fuzi at Doomsday.

Fuzi at Doomsday.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, FUZI pioneered a childlike but brutal form of graffiti known as “Ignorant Style.” In the last few years, he started taking his “Ignorant Style” art to people’s skins, and has become very well known for his tattoos. In the last year, he has tattooed at The Hole in New York, La Salon in Paris (where his clients included Scarlett Johansson, Busy P and Xavier de Rosnay of Justice), SA Studios in Los Angeles, where Estevan Oriol made a short film on him, Faux Pas in Moscow and Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. In the last few months, he painted a four-story mural of one of his flash designs in Poland; had an event at AMPM Studio in Taiwan; tattooed Os Gemeos in New York; Diplo and Kavinsky in Paris; and currently has an exhibition up in Paris. In the last year, he has received press from Complex, Juxtapoz, Acclaim, Inked, Purple, Hypebeast, Sang Bleu, Bullet, and FAT, just to name a few.

Fuzi will be tattooing in store on Thursday the 8th of May.

Photo’s by Ryan Cookson.


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